We offer you a chance to view your future dream home, so you can change or select the best products for you.

Have you imagined what your home would look like? It is really very hard!
But now the technology and our designers can make you a 3D design, so you can see the future house. This will make it easier to choose what kind of product you want, what decorations to chose, and how much material you need. With 3D design you will not “experience”, but you will definitely go into choosing the desired model for you.

Whether you want a modern design or a classic design? The 3D Design can help you with your choice.
After measuring the size of the room and after counseling, we will prepare your project at our showrooms.

After the final design, the client can see the products that he select from the showroom. The 3d Design is free but is the property of Royal Gres, and the client can`t use it only after he will purchase all the products for the project.

The projects will be handed in after the order, to help the client realize the work. If the order does not stay firm, the 3D project will only be released for a fee.

With the 3D project, the craftsman can easily mount your ceramic tiles.
Do not hesitate, contact us for a schedule and our colleagues will be happy to help you.

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Portfolio of  our work and 3D simulations made by us